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Crypto Calculator is a handy menu bar app to help you convert between fiat and crypto currencies. The latest exchange data is always live in your menu bar and updated each time you open the popover.

Features - Free Version

  • Live conversion between cryptos and popular fiat currencies
  • Most popular cryptos and fiats available
  • Customise your favourites up to 125 currencies
  • Just one click away in your menu bar
  • Set a global keyboard shortcut to open popover
  • Quickly select the crypto of your choice with auto-complete in the currency combobox
  • Adjust converted results to update inputs
  • Keyboard friendly for quick access
  • Free version is limited to 6 currencies

Pro Version

  • Choose from 138 fiats and 242 crypto currencies
  • Save up to 125 currencies as favourites

About the App



The developer wishes to express thanks for the availability of the following libraries/resources:

Cryptocurrency Icons

CryptoCompare Price API



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If you have any enquiries or requests please get in touch.